US+2sDay A September to Remember

What a busy and fun September we had!  We:
  • Bowled for the first time
  • Took our Parents to meet our new Teachers
  • Went on a family vacation to St Pete Beach over Labor Day Weekend
  • Started School
  • Sent Dad and Mom off for Dad's 25th Naval Academy Reunion (Thanks Miss Tina and Mr Ron!)
  • Went to Disney World
  • Started Karate & Ballet
Here are the Pictures: If you want to see all of our pictures please visit Dad's flickr page at:

US+2sDay Our Destin Trip 2010

We spent the last week on the extreme eastern edge of the "Redneck Riviera"..Destin FL.  We swam alot. Ate a bunch of seafood. Visited Pensacola to see Grandpa's Grave and the Naval Aviation Museum. Like most time off, time flew by at record speed. What a fun way to kick off the summer!

US+2sDay Indialantic Get Away

This weekend we had a mini vacation with Pepe, Grandma, Uncle Mel, Aunt Heather and Cousin Carter. Highlights of the weekend include:
  • A new fire truck and a Nemo from Cousin Carter (thanks)
  • A lot of new clothes from Grandma and Pepe (thanks)
  • Mom's
  • Fun in the sand by the ocean
  • Lots of swimming in the pool
  • A pizza party
  • Knuckles with Uncle Mel
  • A trip to Meg O'Mally's Irish Pub
  • A Buc's preseason game
  • More swimming
  • A lunch at Squid Lips
  • A well earned nap on the way home
Enjoy the photos:

Summer Vacation 2009-Destin

It had been nearly 3 years since we went on a vacation.  TwinMom insisted that we take a week off and do something.  TwinPop is glad that he married up! We wanted to avoid air travel and trips over 6 hours in the car. We settled in on Destin and rented a 2 bedroom condo that had a beach view and was near the pool. The kids traveled well and we had a relaxing trip. The days were filled with pool time,  relaxing naps and good food.   We made a family trip to visit Grandpa's grave. The kids who were born two weeks before his death hugged his grave marker and told him they loved him. TwinPop really misses him. Afterward we went to the Naval Aviation Museum and took in an IMAX film and sat in a bunch of airplanes. MR H is ready to sign up for  flight school!