US+2sDay The First half of May

May has been fun and busy so far. We went to our buddy Chloe's birthday party and got to ride on a train. We invited Mom to our school for "Muffins with Mom". The activities included a live performance and treats! On mothers day we had Grandboogie over for a picnic in the back yard. Mr H. helped Dad cook the hot dogs on the grill. We started swim lessons....and we are the kids on the safety poster that is in all of the McDonalds in our town. Oh and by the way we got a new roof on our home!

US+2sDay The Birthday Wrap-Up!

On Wednesday Mom had her last birthday in her 30's.   To kick off the day Mr. H fell on his face and broke a front tooth.  He will be ok.  Mom did some therapy by getting a manicure. For dinner we celebrated at the Mellow Mushroom a pizza restaurant. SuperNanny II helped us get cupcakes to celebrate with Mom. Mom opened some gifts and we ate the cupcakes. The next day Grandma and Pepe came to our house to help Mom celebrate.  That evening Uncle Mel, Aunt Heather and Cousin Carter arrived for the celebration. We had a nice family meal followed by gifts. Cousin Carter scored a pair of alligator crocs just like ours! Friday started with a home cooked breakfast, compliments of Aunt Heather. Then we were off to the club for swimming. Cousin Carter sure is brave. He wore out the slide at the pool.  After naps we cleaned up and headed out for a Fiesta at our local Mexican Restaurant. A birthday celebration would not be complete without Sombreros and Tequila. We tried to get in some racing at the gokart track but were rained out. We played in the rain and had a blast. That night we ate Mom's one day old cake. July 4th started with another home cooked meal followed by some fun at the GoKart track. Even Mom and Aunt Heather gave it a whirl. We did some swimming at the pool and then said goodbye to Aunt Heather, Uncle Mel and Cousin Carter. That night we helped Dad cook up the Hamburgers on his Dad's grill. The night went out with a bang as we watched  fireworks. On Sunday we went to church, swam  at the pool and had a picnic lunch. That evening Grandma surprised us with a meal of crab and shrimp.....Yummy!   As you can see Mom does not just have a birthday she has a birth extended weekend! We can't wait to do it again next year when Mom celebrates her first anniversary of her 39th birthday.

US+2sDay A fun couple of Weeks

We have been busy, but we are having fun with all of our activities this summer. We have taken a liking to art, in addition to gym and now swim classes. Today we had our first swim to follow next week.  We conspired with SuperNanny II to visit Dad at his office but he went AWOL, so we snuck up on  him at lunch for an early Father's Day surprise. That evening we went over to GrandBoogie's home to celebrate FunUncle's 42nd Birthday. We had fun with our cousins and loved playing with Dad's old toys and eating the ice cream cake.  After 2 months we were raring to go to see Miss Tina (the original SuperNanny) and baby Julia.  We hit it off just like old times. What a blast we had.   Mom and Dad say that Miss Julia is a real cutie.  We think she is quite cool!  We really had a good time. It was fun to visit.  After our visit to Miss Tina's home we were tuckered out, but the fun was not over for the day. We went to dinner and then "Lighting McQueen" (aka Mr H. ) and Dad went go cart racing. They like to go fast. We had a relaxing Fathers day that included church in the morning, swimming and gifts for Dad.  Mr H and Dad got matching swim trunks. We hope you enjoy the photos!

US+2sDay Celebrating with Mom

We really love Mom.  We have been practicing our singing skills for quite some time.  On Friday we invited Mom to join us at school for "Muffins with Mom".  Our whole class sang "We love Mommy" to our moms.  They must have liked it because they clapped.  After our performance we gave Mom flowers and ate muffins together.  We conspired with SuperNanny 2 to paint flower pots and make rice krispy treats for Mom. What a surprise she had! On Saturday Mom and Dad went to the Players Championship while we went to our friend Finn's birthday party.  On mothers day we had a special treat, Grandma came by for an indoor picnic! We even got to help Mom and Grandma (Grandboogie) open up their gifts.  Here are photos from our week.  Visit later in the week for links to the full album posted on Flickr.