US+2sDay April in One Blog Post!

Well TwinPop fell down on his sword but he is back and blogging!  What a busy month we have had. Projects at work and a bunch of fun stuff in between have kept us hopping! The recap:
  • Easter Saturday with family in Orlando.
  • Easter Sunday with family in our hometown.
  • Baby Julia turned one and we partied like it is 2010!
  • Uncle Mel turned 40 and we partied like it was 1970!
  • GrandBoogie celebrated another anniversary of her 39th Birthday but did not want to party.
  • Baby Faith is Baptized and we partied some more at Sweet Tomatoes.
Party on! Enjoy the photos, if you wish a link to our entire month of photos is posted at the end of this blog it is the Flickr photo page that TwinPop keeps of our family. Click Here for our April Photos on Flickr

US+2sDay The Pre Easter Edition

This week we did a lot of hanging out with bunnies. First we had an Easter Egg hunt with our neighbors. Grandboogie joined us and even brought some home made soup!  Last year the Easter Bunny made us cry.  Mr H was fine with the big fuzzy guy, but it took a bag of candy to  lure the Princess in for a  hug.

US+2sDay The Easter Wrap-Up

For those of you that have visited this site only to find old posts I am sorry. A lot has transpired over the past few weeks and the blog took a break.  Please note that there are four new posts. The next one down is a don't miss.  SuperNanny had her baby and she is a real cutie!  After missing out on most of the Christmas holiday happenings due to our medical drama, we made up for it at Easter. Saturday kicked things off with a family celebration at TwinMom's cousins home in Orlando. All of the FL crowd converged and we had a blast. There were 6 kids all under 5 years old!  Easter morning we went to church and then hosted TwinPop's Mom (Common Tater, Grandboogie). The kids opened their baskets and Grandboogie brought a cake that we are really enjoying. It was then time for a quick nap and off to our friends home for  Easter Dinner and another egg hunt. We finished things off by watching the end of the Masters. Thanks to Jake and Kremsa and Randall and Andrea for hostings such fun parties. We really enjoyed getting together with our family and friends. On a side note, I have created a Flickr Pro account which allows me to post a lot of photos online for sharing. In the next week or so I will post a link so that anyone wising to see beyond the few select photos on the blog may.