US+2sDay Thanksgiving Recap

Pepe and Grandma came to our home for Thanksgiving weekend.  On Thanksgiving morning we were delighted to have a new kitchen to play with in our family room.  Our friends the Kato's and Fullerton's came over for some pre-Thankgiving cheer.  The adults had Bloody Mary's in honor of Grandpa.  Grandboogie came over with the stuffing, greens and gravy (Yum!).  She gave us a nativity scene which has moved all over the house. Uncle Chuckie was not able to join us but sent pies over (Thanks!).  Bono's did a great job with the Turkey.  Mom and Grandma  did a great job with the rest. After Pepe put his carving skills to work we feasted! We had a great Thanksgiving! On Friday Pepe visited the Beach,  Dad battled the Black Friday crowds while Mom and Grandma took us to a hands on museum.  We had a blast. On Saturday we went to our local art and vegetable market. That night Dad and Mom took out Pepe and Grandma to Mortons to celebrate their anniversary.  We finished off the weekend by picking out our tree and going to our church's Crismon service.  Enjoy the pictures:

Thanksgiving Weekend Pictures

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Us+2sDay on Wednesday…Cousin Carter Video

Aunt Heather sent us this video of Cousin Carter singing. We liked it so much, that we asked dad to put it on our blog so that we could view it often.  We are thankful for Cousin Carter. Happy Thanksgiving! [flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/Carter.flv /]