About US+2

"Once upon a time, in a place far far away there was a lonely man who was looking for a fair maiden to sweep off her feet and become his wife." .....OK but what about TwinPop? Before TwinPop was TwinPop he was a very long time bachelor. He traveled around the globe as a naval officer, went to graduate school and almost gave up on meeting that fair maiden. Then one night he met the woman of his dreams (TwinMom) on his first successful (emphasis added) blind date. "And then she kissed the frog and he turned into her Prince charming." TwinMom, is it so? "Well, he is a work in progress, but I think it may work out." And then there were four.......Well not quite so fast. There were two for quite some time. In fact, a long, long, long, long time. TwinMom began to lose hope that she and TwinPop would ever have kids. Then their prayers were answered. The news came....Twins! The preparations began: fix up the house, get the baby room ready, take a Baby Moon,etc, etc, etc. 38 weeks later (and not a minute too soon says TwinMom) our little bundles of joy arrived. Amazingly they were born on their Grandma's birthday. Well maybe not amazingly since it was a C-section, but it was amazing to us. Twin A, our princess, arrived one minute before her younger brother Twin B. She was also, one pound heavier and one inch taller. That was soon to change as "B" took to the groceries and continues to grow at astronomical paces. (Vertically challenged TwinPop is concerned that time-out won't quite have the effect when he is standing on his tippy toes to tell his 5 year old to behave.) Four months, one SuperNanny and a lot of prayers later TwinMom and TwinPop got a full night of sleep. It has been a breeze since. SuperNanny continues to amaze us with all of her unique skills and compassion. It doesn't hurt that our kids love her too. This is about our life as a family. It is our hope that this sharing of it with you, our family and friends, will bring us closer together although we may be separated by miles.