US+2sDay Birthday Edition

The birthday celebrations started on Thursday and went the whole way through Sunday. On Thursday we celebrated at school.  Never one to miss a party Miss Tina and Baby Julia threw a cheeseburger and cupcake party for us on Friday.  Friday night we took a road trip in the Nanny Van to Orlando.  We stayed at the Shades of Green hotel. The next morning we went to the Magic Kingdom and met up with Cousin Carter, Aunt Heather and Uncle Mel. It rained in the morning but it did not dampen our spirits.  On Sunday we had a family breakfast before departing.  Carter gave us cool birthday gifts! After we took our naps we went to the Mexican restaurant and they sang "happy birthday" to us and put sombrero's on our heads. Finally it was a cupcake birthday party at home! What a blast!

Seaworld….a week late

We are sorry that this post is a week late. We had so much fun last week that we could not get it together for a posing last week.

What a weekend we had!  After months of planning for a visit to one of the theme parks we decided on a trip to Sea World.  Because big cousin Carter had a good time at their age we figured our guys were ready for the adventure.  Pepe and Grandma were our event planners.  What a job they did!  Pepe secured a wonderful hotel through priceline.  There was plenty of room for the kids to move about between the two adjoining rooms. On Saturday morning we woke to rain but decided to give it a go.  The sky's cleared and we had a wonderful day.  Uncle Mel, Aunt Heather and Cousin Carter joined us for the fun.  We finished off our day with a nice family meal at a neaby restaurant.  On Sunday morning we were able to get a late check out.  This allowed the kids to wander around the resort grounds and play on their playground.

We finished off our weekend by having dinner with a dear friend from out of town.  Elizabeth and Tom spent some time with Grandboogie after attending a family funeral.  Granboogie got us all together and we had a nice meal. It was good to renew old frienships and make new ones!

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US+2sDay Part 2: Beach Weekend 2008

A long standing tradition in our family is to get together at the beach. Our part of the family got an early start this year and stoped for an overnight visit with Grandma and Pepe. Over the course of the weekend we enjoyed a lot of time together, ate some good food, did a lot of swimming both in the pool and at the beach and celebrated 3 birthdays. We already have our calendars blocked out for next year!   Weekend Goodies:
  • Cousin Carter and the Princess Make quite a dynamic duo.
  • If you are going to feed the fish make sure the seagulls are not lurking neaby.
  • Skip & Flip have a new buddy and his name is Chip Felix.
  • An ounce of pretzels is worth a pound of gold if you want your sanity.
  • Sand is fun but it does not taste good.
  • Pepe takes one fine picture at sunset.

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FunUncle’s Road Trip 2008

FunUncle & the Cousins went on a road trip last month. What a time they had! They loaded up the Corolla (no eating or drinking allowed in the car) and headed north. By the time it was over they made it to: Washington D C, Philly, NY NY, Niagra Falls, Gettysburgh, & the Biltmore.

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