US+2sDay Fall Fun

These past two weeks have been busy! We visited the pumpkin patch with our preschool. We went to the dentist ...No cavities!  We took Dad to school to have Donuts! Mom and Dad celebrated another year of marital bliss. We went to Halloween Doors and more and had a bunch of fun!  Enjoy the photos! If you want to see all of our pictures please visit Dad's flickr page at:

US+2sDay Hoops

Mom was sick with the flu this week.  Thankfully, she is better now.  Since Dad only knows how to make beer and chips he asked SuperNanny to cook dinner for us.  SuperNanny let us make pizza one night. We had fun and it was good! On Friday we took Dad to  our school for donuts. We saw Jackson Deville the Jaguar Mascot but we did not want to get our picture taken with him. On Saturday we got the new basketball hoop Mom and Dad promised Mr H. Mr H was a thumb sucker but quit after Mom and Dad applied the icky stuff that the dentist gave to them to put on his thumb.  Mom promised him a hoop if he would keep the thumb out of the mouth.  Bribery worked! The last three pictures are of our princess.  She is already scaring Dad. She has inherited the shopping gene from Mom's side of the family. Scary on the pocket book.

US+2sDay Krispy Kreme

This weekend we went to dinner with FunUncle and Grand Boogie at a Mexican Restaurant. The music was good but the company was great. On the way home Dad saw the neon sign at Krispy Kreme all aglow. The car swerved to the right and the next thing we knew we were up to our elbows in glazed donuts. We even have hats to show it! 

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