US+2sDay Festivals and Pumpkins

Last Friday our school held it's annual fall festival complete with farm animals to pet and feed, a hay ride, ponies and a bunch of good food. We saw our buddies, their parents and our teachers.  We missed Miss Tina, Mr Ron and Julia who was sick.   This week the SuperNanny arrived with Halloween baskets for us. We have had so much fun eating and playing with all the goodies. Today we went to the pumpkin patch with Miss Tina and Julia. We all had fun and even got to eat cheese burgers! After our naps we decorated pumpkins. THANKS MISS TINA!! We can't wait for Halloween!  Enjoy the Photos: If you want to see all of our pictures please visit Dad's flickr page at:

Us+2sDay Dinosaurs and Birthday Cake

This week SuperNanny surprised us with a trip to see the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Science and History.  On Wednesday Dad celebrated another anniversary of his 39th Birthday. Here are some pictures: If you want to see all of our pictures please visit Dad's flickr page at:

US+2sDay Welcome Back SuperNanny

Miss Tina (aka SuperNanny) is back!  She hit the ground running and our parents heads are spinning trying to keep up with all she is doing.  She has been gone since April when her little bundle of joy (aka Julia) made an early entrance.  We think that it is cool to have a little buddy! Welcome back Miss Tina, we love you! This has been a busy but fun filled week.  Uncle Chuckie bought us Live lobsters from Maine on Thursday. Here is the proof. We loved them and even had lobster rolls on Sunday. Thanks FunUncle!


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On Saturday Mom went off with her girlfriends to celebrate a special friend's 40th birthday.  Grandboogie came over and we had a blast. We went to the park and then had Chic-fil-a.  Dad even got us ice cream.

We can be good for ice cream. Miss Tina made a deal with us.  If Mom and Dad said that we were good she would get us ice cream. Can you guess what they told Miss Tina on Monday?

We woke up from our nap yesterday and Miss Tina told us to get on our bathing suits.  What a blast we had!

US+2sDay A fun couple of Weeks

We have been busy, but we are having fun with all of our activities this summer. We have taken a liking to art, in addition to gym and now swim classes. Today we had our first swim to follow next week.  We conspired with SuperNanny II to visit Dad at his office but he went AWOL, so we snuck up on  him at lunch for an early Father's Day surprise. That evening we went over to GrandBoogie's home to celebrate FunUncle's 42nd Birthday. We had fun with our cousins and loved playing with Dad's old toys and eating the ice cream cake.  After 2 months we were raring to go to see Miss Tina (the original SuperNanny) and baby Julia.  We hit it off just like old times. What a blast we had.   Mom and Dad say that Miss Julia is a real cutie.  We think she is quite cool!  We really had a good time. It was fun to visit.  After our visit to Miss Tina's home we were tuckered out, but the fun was not over for the day. We went to dinner and then "Lighting McQueen" (aka Mr H. ) and Dad went go cart racing. They like to go fast. We had a relaxing Fathers day that included church in the morning, swimming and gifts for Dad.  Mr H and Dad got matching swim trunks. We hope you enjoy the photos!