US+2sDay Halloween 2010

What a fun week. On Friday our school had it's annual Halloween parade. Even the teachers dressed up! On Sunday we dressed up like a Pirate and Princess. Mom handed out the candy to and Dad took us trick or treating. We got a lot of candy! How fun! If you want to see all of our pictures please visit Dad's flickr page at:

US+2sDay The Purple Cows

Worth a thousand words: We came home from preschool with this artwork and the accompanying smiles this week.

US+2sDay The Valentines Day Wrap-Up

Valentines Day at our home was a bunch of fun! Mom and Dad gave us chocolate! Grandma and Pepe (Our Clothiers..aka "GranPepe") gave us new outfits and cards. Grandboogie came over with more chocolate, a book and some gifts. We had an indoor picnic and watched the "Pothole 500" with Dad. Here are pictures and a movie of the activities. Special thanks to Miss Tina for helping us make cards for the Grandparents!

US+2sDay Fashion Show Recap

It is hard to believe that a year ago this week our precious daughter had a surgery that saved her life.  What a change the year has brought in terms of health, growth and development.   Every year there is a major fund-raising event that benefits the hospital where Kate had her surgery. The final event of the week is the fashion show.  All of the children in the show were patients of the hospital.  Kate was the youngest kid to take the runway. I am biased but I think she stole the show.  What a blessing to have such a wonderful resource in our community.  The following photos are of the show:

Children's Fashion Show

This video shows Kate and her beautiful escort.  Be patient as it may take a little time to load.

Our Princes on the Runway

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/Fashion_Show.flv /]

This is bonus material taken yesterday by the SuperNanny.  Our guys are fascinated with the various stuffed animals that play some sort of Christmas music, etc.  Here they are indoctrinating Baby Julia into the finer aspects of the Christmas season.  I think she is going to like Christmas.  Mr. H has taken to a Dog that has a Christmas themed song that "gets a little bit louder now".  O Joy....Just imagine this non-stop for 16 hours a day! What fun!

Christmas Buddies

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/Christmas_Animals.flv /]