US+2sDay Summer 2010….We Are Back!

Dad took a rest from blogging to enjoy the summer.  Our summer was fun.  The highlights include:
  • Mom blew out 40 candles
  • We went to our first movies (Shrek IV & Toy Story 3)
  • We graduated from swim lessons
  • We played a lot
  • We went to dinner with Dad's Navy buddies
  • Grandboogie visited us for breakfast
  • We visited Grandma and Pepe at their home
  • We visited with Cousin Carter
  • We grew a bunch!
These pictures are only a small look into our summer. If you want to see all of our pictures please visit Dad's flickr page at:

US+2sDay Our Destin Trip 2010

We spent the last week on the extreme eastern edge of the "Redneck Riviera"..Destin FL.  We swam alot. Ate a bunch of seafood. Visited Pensacola to see Grandpa's Grave and the Naval Aviation Museum. Like most time off, time flew by at record speed. What a fun way to kick off the summer!

US+2sDay St Pete Beach Weekend

Our family gets together every September for a beach weekend.  This year we returned to the Sirata.  We chose to stay on the resort grounds for the weekend. On Friday night Pepe and Grandma hosted us at the on-site restaurant (Thanks!).  After a very nice dinner we returned to their room and celebrated Ed's birthday. The next morning we awoke to rain. We were determined not to let the rain spoil our day.  After a bit of arm twisting Twin Mom convinced us to splash around in the rain. Later that day while the twins took a nap the big folks paddleboarded in the gulf with the manatees and dolphins.  We had a nice visit with the Carlson side of the family who spent time in the water with us and even hosted the pizza party that night (Thanks Uncle Karl!). Later that evening we celebrated Cousin Carter and Aunt Heather's Birthdays. Cousin Carter got a Huffy Bike from Grandma and Pepe! The weather was beautiful on Sunday morning so we splashed away in the pool before departing. Grandma sent us off with sandwiches which were yummy. We can't wait for our  return next year!

St Pete Beach 2009

The three videos are of the rascals swimming

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/Underwater_Carter.flv /]

Cousin Carter

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/Underwater_Henry.flv /]


[flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/Underwater_Kate.flv /]


Before you leave our site please leave us a note in the comments! It is fun for us to see who visited with us online. This link will take you to our flickr photo page with all of our weekend photos ....please leave your comments before clicking it: St Pete Beach Photos on Flickr

US+2sDay Indialantic Get Away

This weekend we had a mini vacation with Pepe, Grandma, Uncle Mel, Aunt Heather and Cousin Carter. Highlights of the weekend include:
  • A new fire truck and a Nemo from Cousin Carter (thanks)
  • A lot of new clothes from Grandma and Pepe (thanks)
  • Mom's
  • Fun in the sand by the ocean
  • Lots of swimming in the pool
  • A pizza party
  • Knuckles with Uncle Mel
  • A trip to Meg O'Mally's Irish Pub
  • A Buc's preseason game
  • More swimming
  • A lunch at Squid Lips
  • A well earned nap on the way home
Enjoy the photos: