US+2sDay+2Days…A Big Week

This week we had a special set of visitors: Grandma and Pepe. Grandma came up on Wednesday evening to enjoy a day at the spa with Mom on Thursday.  Pepe took to the rail lines and joined us on Thursday. On Friday our Princess enjoyed a "Mother-Daughter" birthday party for one of her friends.  That was ok with Mr H as SuperNanny and Baby Julia took him to see Dad for a "Boys Lunch".  Saturday was filled with fun. Grandboogie came over and all of us (minus Pepe) went to a preschool festival hosted by our church.  That evening the adults parted ways for different events: Mom and Dad dressed up like cowpokes and went to the Cowford Ball (American Cancer Society Fundraiser), while Grandma and Pepe went to the local dinner theater.  By Sunday we were worn out by all the fun!

US+2sDay Catchin’ UP

Well the blog master (TwinPop) has been delinquent with posting for 3 weeks now.  Weeks one and two can be written off to a bout of the flu and a chest cold.  Last week just got the best of him. We had planned on going to visit Cousin Carter, Aunt Heather and Uncle Mel (with the magic knuckles) on Halloween.  Unfortunately our Princess spiked a high fever at dinner on Friday the 30th so the plans were scuttled. A trip to the Dr. , some rest and medicine and she wanted to brave the neighborhood to get candy. We pulled our "fairy" and "scary Monster" through the neighborhood. What a bag of candy they got! A funny side note: Karen has been trying to explain Santa so that the kids will understand a little better this year.  Henry said that he wants a train. Well what do you know one of the neighbors was dressed as Santa and was passing out candy.   Through out the evening we had to remind the kids to say trick or treat and thank you. Well we come to Santa handing out candy and Karen says "what do you say?"  Hank replies: "I want a train".


Unfortunately we lost a cherished member of the family. Karen's cat  (Ed's by marriage) of 17 years fell ill and had to be put down. She was a one woman cat, and that woman really loved her! She is missed.


The week following Halloween the kid's school hosted a fall festival, complete with pony rides, a maze and petting zoo. The next morning we went to the fair and saw all of the animals that we missed the night before. Our Princess just made the height needed to go on rides. Guess if they had fun.  As you can see from the artwork we are getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Fall Festival and Fair

US+2sDay Veteran’s Day

We had a great weekend filled with all kinds of fun! On Friday Cousin Carter, Aunt Heather and Uncle Melvin (aka Chuckie) came up for a visit.  Dad was sick but we convinced him that the fall festival at our school was the medicine that the Dr ordered.  We had a nice meal, especially Chuckie who went back for thirds on the chicken. After dinner we rode ponies, petted the animals in the petting zoo and played in the playground.  The next morning everyone but Dad went to the fair. We had a great time seeing all of the animals, riding the rides and playing the games. Uncle Mel even won a stuffed rodent!  That evening Aunt Heather and Uncle Mel went to a wedding.  What a time we had with cousin Carter.  We had a gourmet meal of grilled cheese and grapes.  Mom and Dad took all of us on a walk through the neighborhood.  When we got home we splashed around in the tub until Mom said quits! To finish off the evening we had some juice and watched Curious George.  Sunday was a sad day, we played at the playground and then had to say bye to everyone. We can't wait for the next visit!

If you liked the post please leave a comment.  More importantly take the time to thank a veteran today.  Someone is standing guard today so you can enjoy the freedom that we enjoy in this great country. To my Dad I can pray that you hear my prayers of thanks for your service.  Pepe thank you for your service.  To my brother I thank you for being on watch and admire the service that you continue to provide.

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