US+2sDay Happy New Year

Better late than never!  Well even the blogmaster is allowed to take some time off.  And that we did. Our Christmas season was fun but as always way too short.  TwinMom and TwinPop took the week of Christmas off.  We started the Christmas festivities at Grandboogies home on Christmas eve. We had a fun time with Grandboogie and the "big" cousins. Granboogie did a super job of hosting and we all had a lot of fun, fellowship and a bunch to eat. We hurried home to get ready for church. We dressed up like sheep and participated in our Church Nativity Scene. Once we got home we put out the Reindeer food and Santa's milk and cookies. Santa must have thought that we were good kids because there were presents under the tree when we woke up. After opening presents and having some time with Grandboogie we packed up the van and headed to cousin Carter's home. What a blast we had! All of the little cousins were there.  We played with our new stuff and opened more presents. We had a great weekend at Carters home with Uncle Mel, Aunt Heather, Grandma and Pepe. Carter took us to his park and we had a blast wearing out the adults. Later that night we ate Cuban food from Hugo's. We had a fun week with Mom and Dad. They took us on a ferry ride and we went up to Fernandina to look for Pirates. Mr H found a few wooden Pirates. On New Years Eve we went to our friend's home for a party. We stayed up all the way to the New Year. The next day we had a Bar-B-Que feast. Grandboogie brought the greens and blackeyes....yummy...and good luck. Well Mom and Dad are back at work and the year is off to a great start. Please take a look at our pictures and come back weekly to see what we are up to. We would love to hear from you...please leave us comments. Happy New Year!!!

US+2sDay St Pete Beach Weekend

Our family gets together every September for a beach weekend.  This year we returned to the Sirata.  We chose to stay on the resort grounds for the weekend. On Friday night Pepe and Grandma hosted us at the on-site restaurant (Thanks!).  After a very nice dinner we returned to their room and celebrated Ed's birthday. The next morning we awoke to rain. We were determined not to let the rain spoil our day.  After a bit of arm twisting Twin Mom convinced us to splash around in the rain. Later that day while the twins took a nap the big folks paddleboarded in the gulf with the manatees and dolphins.  We had a nice visit with the Carlson side of the family who spent time in the water with us and even hosted the pizza party that night (Thanks Uncle Karl!). Later that evening we celebrated Cousin Carter and Aunt Heather's Birthdays. Cousin Carter got a Huffy Bike from Grandma and Pepe! The weather was beautiful on Sunday morning so we splashed away in the pool before departing. Grandma sent us off with sandwiches which were yummy. We can't wait for our  return next year!

St Pete Beach 2009

The three videos are of the rascals swimming

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/Underwater_Carter.flv /]

Cousin Carter

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/Underwater_Henry.flv /]


[flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/Underwater_Kate.flv /]


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US+2sDay Zoo Visit

After being rained out of our zoo plans a few weeks ago we finally made the trip. We started off with a ride on the train around the zoo grounds.

Mr. H and Mom on the Train

Princess & Dad on the Train 

After our train ride we walked the grounds. The Giraffe's were a lot of fun. We got up close and personal with them as they were eating.


Next we took a ride on the carousel. We were having fun for about 30 sec's before Mr. H decided that he did not like it. Mr H let us know in a loud manner his displeasure. In true twin fashion Princess chimed in so we had crying kids for the greater part of the ride.

Carousel Ride

We all agreed that the monkey's were the most fun. They were really putting on a show and the kids could not take their eyes off of them. It looks like the yearly pass to the zoo will be in our future budget plans!