US+2sDay Halloween 2010

What a fun week. On Friday our school had it's annual Halloween parade. Even the teachers dressed up! On Sunday we dressed up like a Pirate and Princess. Mom handed out the candy to and Dad took us trick or treating. We got a lot of candy! How fun! If you want to see all of our pictures please visit Dad's flickr page at:

US+2sDay A Good Reason to Be Optimistic


Our Princess in the Waiting Room

Yesterday we went to the Doctor for Kate's 3 month post surgery visit.  Based on the way she had been acting and growing we were optimistic that things were going well for her.  While her Doctor would not say we are out of the woods yet, he gave us reason to be optimistic.  To all of you that have been praying for her we thank you.  We will have to go back in 3 months for more tests.  In the interim we will go on with life and stay positive that she will have a full recovery.

US+2sDay Princess on the Mend

Last Thursday our Princess went under the knife again. This time to remove the stint that was inserted in December. This procedure was delayed twice due to severe rashes.  We are happy to report that she came through like a champ and is keeping her parents and brother busy chasing her around the house.   We want to thank everyone who has kept her and our family in your thoughts and prayers. They are appreciated!

US+2sDay…SuperNanny’s Princess

Big news this week! SuperNanny is  having a baby girl! We can't wait to meet the little princess. We are big kids now so we help SuperNanny all of the time. This week we helped SuperNanny with laundry. We even have a video to prove it!

[flashvideo filename=wp-content/video/Laundry.flv /]