US+2sDay Halloween 2010

What a fun week. On Friday our school had it's annual Halloween parade. Even the teachers dressed up! On Sunday we dressed up like a Pirate and Princess. Mom handed out the candy to and Dad took us trick or treating. We got a lot of candy! How fun! If you want to see all of our pictures please visit Dad's flickr page at:

US+2sDay Fall Fun

These past two weeks have been busy! We visited the pumpkin patch with our preschool. We went to the dentist ...No cavities!  We took Dad to school to have Donuts! Mom and Dad celebrated another year of marital bliss. We went to Halloween Doors and more and had a bunch of fun!  Enjoy the photos! If you want to see all of our pictures please visit Dad's flickr page at:

US+2sDay Catchin’ UP

Well the blog master (TwinPop) has been delinquent with posting for 3 weeks now.  Weeks one and two can be written off to a bout of the flu and a chest cold.  Last week just got the best of him. We had planned on going to visit Cousin Carter, Aunt Heather and Uncle Mel (with the magic knuckles) on Halloween.  Unfortunately our Princess spiked a high fever at dinner on Friday the 30th so the plans were scuttled. A trip to the Dr. , some rest and medicine and she wanted to brave the neighborhood to get candy. We pulled our "fairy" and "scary Monster" through the neighborhood. What a bag of candy they got! A funny side note: Karen has been trying to explain Santa so that the kids will understand a little better this year.  Henry said that he wants a train. Well what do you know one of the neighbors was dressed as Santa and was passing out candy.   Through out the evening we had to remind the kids to say trick or treat and thank you. Well we come to Santa handing out candy and Karen says "what do you say?"  Hank replies: "I want a train".


Unfortunately we lost a cherished member of the family. Karen's cat  (Ed's by marriage) of 17 years fell ill and had to be put down. She was a one woman cat, and that woman really loved her! She is missed.


The week following Halloween the kid's school hosted a fall festival, complete with pony rides, a maze and petting zoo. The next morning we went to the fair and saw all of the animals that we missed the night before. Our Princess just made the height needed to go on rides. Guess if they had fun.  As you can see from the artwork we are getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Fall Festival and Fair

US+2sDay Spooks, Parades and Picnics

What a busy but fun weekend we had! On Friday we joined Mom's Rotary group at the zoo for the "spooktacular". We toured the zoo and trick or treated. We got a lot of candy. Saturday we packed up the van for a trip downtown to support the local children's hospital. Dad's Rotary group built a choo choo train out of a wagon. We marched in the parade with the wagon!  After church on Sunday Dad set up the bounce house in the back yard. Mom made us a picnic lunch and Grandma (aka the common tater) joined us. By the time it was over we were pooped! Nap time was never so good!